Friday, December 2, 2016

Photo Story

As many people know marijuana became legal for recreational use since October 1st, 2015. There are rules and regulations to who, what, and how much you can buy. People who are 21 or older are legally allowed to buy marijuana form dispensaries. Some dispensaries are only for medical sales but most now have permits to sell recreational. There is different forms and ways that people smoke. There are also different reasons why people smoke.

**All of the people that are featured in these pictures are 21+**

Josh Hernandez is using his torch to heat up the nail on his dab rig in preparation to smoke. Dabs is a form of marijuana that has become more popular in recent years but has been around for while. 

Davin Silverman is taking pulls from his bong at his home on November 12th. He is smoking what some people call are "dirty bowls". It is when you mix marijuana with tobacco and smoke it like normal marijuana.

People who smoke sometimes name their utensils that they use to smoke different funny names. Josh Hernandez named his piece Cookie Monster because there is a piece inside of it that looks like a cookie. It also has an attachment that looks like Cookie Monster's head. 

You can see the little bit of smoke that is being exhaled from Davin Silverman's mouth as he has just taken a drag from his bong. 

Donovan Acuna (left) is smoking with Josh Hernandez at his home on November 19th. They both usually smoke to help them relax after a long day at work. Both of them also enjoying smoking with other people and enjoying the company of friends. 

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